20 November 2022

Velocity SwimJet: The Most Eco-Friendly Exercise Pool

Don’t have space for a full-size pool to swim lengths?

Quite frankly…who does? The minimum recommended pool length for a decent exercise facility is around 12 meters. This is great if you have the space and on top of that are looking for a larger leisure facility. But if its just exercise you’re after, there is a far smaller, cheaper, and more energy-efficient solution available in the form of the swim jet.

A swim jet is a device installed at one end of a pool, and designed to create a current to swim against. They can be in larger pools too as they provide an uninterrupted flow of exercise, with no flip turns, and non-stop stroke training. However, if the main purpose of the pool is for use of the swim jet, the pool size can be reduced massively to only 2.1m wide by 4.2m length…

We know what you’re thinking… you could put that inside your house, right!?

Well yes, you could, and many people do!

This type of pool can be built at a relatively low cost, and in a short period of time. Heatform, based in Devon, manufacture panel pools made of recycled plastic bottles, which can be easily and quickly installed above or below ground. These can even be completely hidden indoors to create the effect and functionality of a normal room, with a hidden pool.

By reducing the size of the pool, the energy consumption and fuel costs will be dramatically reduced. However, running this type of equipment can still uses some energy whilst in use, which is why Heatform Velocity swim jets have designed a system with variable motor speed to reduce power requirements and minimize noise levels. Due to the large size of propeller used, it is possible to run the motor on lower levels and still provide the same current speed, with a lower running cost.

Some swim jets can be difficult to swim against as they create turbulent water with a narrow swim current, leading to a difficult and unenjoyable experience. Velocity have designed their current with this in mind to produce an experience with minimal turbulence, and the widest swim current on the market. When the currents on, you can barely see it; it’s that smooth!

Recycled plastic bottle pools… reduced emissions… This is why we are backing the Heatform Velocity swim jets as the highest performance and most eco friendly swim jet on the market.

Take a look at this video to see what these professional swimmers say about the user experience: