24 October 2022

Top 10 Wild Swimming Spots In The World – France Edition

Today we’re going to take a look at the ten best wild swim spots in France!

1. Pont du Diable is also known as the Devil’s Bridge. A large river runs through a narrow gorge, passing beneath a slender, ancient bridge. You can swim upstream or downstream, finding a forge on one end and a beach on the other. It’s lovely no matter the direction!

2. Lac d’Annecy contains some of the warmest waters in the Alps. It’s a wild swimming spot but also one of the most famous lakes in France. The truly adventurous can take a jump off the nearby cliffs of Roc de Chere and into the deepest parts of the water.

3. Cascade du Sautadet is a wild swimming spot, but it’s also one of the most amazing waterfalls in France! Countless ledges spill into naturally formed basin, where water swirls and bubbles. Limestone cliffs and chutes make it a perfect playground for people all ages!

4. Lac d’Ilay is a lake located within majestic alpine foothills. A trip out here will leave you stunned by the sheer reflective nature of the waters; during the day they are like a mirror, reflecting the rolling hills, and at night they paint the stars.

5. Cascades du Herisson is a series of waterfalls that crash down a mountain and into various lovely pools. One of the most popular is Le Gour Bleu, which happens to have a wooded glade and a lovely beach, too.

6. Cascades de Purcaraccia is a stunning, picturesque wild swimming location where the water has formed teardrop shaped plunge pools. Ride down the waterfalls and into the pools, which are formed from white marble limestone and filled with some of the most clean water you’ll ever find!

7. Pont d’Arc is a river that flows through a naturally formed stone arc, formed by two sets of cliffs. If you swim far enough along the river, you’ll find a cave tunnel, which leads up into the arcs themselves. It’s a perfect jumping point!

8. Lac de Serre-Poncon isn’t technically a wild lake. It’s actually a reservoir, where people are encouraged to swim out to one of the submerged villages. When the water is low enough, you can even find a chapel that occasionally appears!

9. Chenonceaux is an iconic abbey and chateaux. There is a boat tour that runs down the river, but the real gem is being able to set up a chair on the bank and go swimming beside the chateaux. It’s a perfect sunset swim spot.

10. Lac de Gaube is a masterful lake that can be found in the Pyrenees. It can be found in a remote location, but still very easy to reach as it is often used as the beginning of hiking trails for tourists and locals. Found on the banks of the lake is a refreshing little café that boasts an amazing view of the lake and the mountain ranges behind it.

These waters make up some of the most amazing wild swimming spots in France. If you ever have a chance to go there, we recommend you check it out!