23 February 2024

Beneath the Surface: The Advantages of Natural Swimming Pools and Bio-Filtration

In response to the growing awareness of the environmental impact of traditional swimming pools, attention shifts towards a natural alternative: low or chemical-free pools. Natural swimming pools offer a luxurious swimming experience while benefiting the environment and nurturing healthier skin, hair and overall well-being compared to traditional pools.

The Rise of Low to No Chemical Swimming Pools and Eco-Friendly Swimming

The movement towards low to no chemical pools is fuelled by environmental concerns over high water usage, soaring energy costs and the harmful effects of traditional pool chemicals.

For over a century, chlorine and other chemicals have been widely used to combat bacteria and algae in traditional pools. While chlorine is an efficient oxidizer, its use carries significant secondary impacts for both pool users and the environment.

Instead of environmentally harmful chemicals, natural swimming pools use bio-digestion. Enzyme-producing bacteria break down organic and inorganic matter, allowing water to circulate at a slower speed. This process requires approximately half the energy needed for a regular swimming pool, depending on the pool type and usage.

Natural filtration systems also significantly reduce water waste. Traditional pool filters require regular backwashing to dilute the build-up of toxic disinfection by-products. In contrast, the bio-digestion process in natural swimming pools eliminates these by-products, enabling natural pool filters to be cleaned through a combination of backwashing and air sourcing. This eco-friendly alternative achieves a 50% reduction in water usage, again, depending on the pool type and use.

A Healthier Swimming Experience

With the UK spa industry valued at £20 billion in 2020*, swimming pools have long been associated with wellness. However, it is crucial to understand how traditional swimming pools affect your skin, hair and overall well-being.

When we bathe, water and chemicals are absorbed into our skin through dermal absorption. The protective layer of our skin contains beneficial bacteria, viruses and fungi collectively known as the skin’s microbiome, which act as our body’s gatekeepers.

Swimming pool chemicals have a direct impact on the microbiome, which in turn compromises the skin’s protective barrier and weakens immunity. To avoid these disinfection chemicals, natural swimming pools offer alternatives such as Origin Aqua’s chemical-free pool filtration technology. This eco-friendly filtration method helps to strengthen the skin’s protective barrier and to support overall health and well-being.

Excessive chlorine poses health risks, producing disinfectant by-products harmful to hair, skin, eyes and lungs. Bio-filtration systems purify pool water with beneficial microbes and enrich it with naturally occurring minerals. This, combined with fine and UV filtration, yields a health-enhancing, immunity-strengthening, luxurious swimming experience.

Ultimately, bio-filtration employs natural microbes to digest organic and inorganic matter without producing toxic by-products, which in turn preserves the body’s cells and microbiome. This results in pristine water that safeguards skin, hair and body.

The Natural Pool Company Experience

If you aspire to recreate the feeling of swimming in nature while enjoying the health benefits of low to no chemical pools, consider a natural swimming pool.

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* https://globalwellnessinstitute.org/geography-of-wellness/wellness-in-the-united-kingdom/