18 March 2024

The Rise of Eco-Conscious Swimming Pools in Luxury Landscape Design

The task of integrating swimming pools into landscapes with respect for nature is not new; it is a consideration that spans millennia. Though it was the Romans who first introduced baths to England, leading to the creation of public swimming facilities like the Peerless Pool in the 1700s*, today’s landscape architects follow a tradition of mixing luxury with nature – a practice that has grown to focus equally on environmental sustainability and beautiful, functional design.

As swimming pools became synonymous with luxury in early 20th-century England, the narrative has since shifted towards embracing eco-friendly practices.

Eco-friendly pools go beyond just being kind to the environment; they represent a smart investment in the quality and longevity of your outdoor space. These pools reduce reliance on harsh chemicals, safeguarding not only the ecosystem but also the health of those who enjoy them. Furthermore, advancements in natural filtration offer clearer water and reduced operating costs, proving that luxury and sustainability can coexist with ease.

Placing Wellbeing at the Forefront of Pool Design

An increasing awareness of chlorine’s adverse effects on human health and the environment drives the pivot towards low and no-chemical swimming pools. By embracing natural filtration systems and sustainable materials, eco-conscious pools offer a sanctuary free from harmful chemicals, aligning luxury with the well-being of both users and the natural world.

Design Considerations for Eco-Friendly Luxury Pools

When designing an eco-friendly luxury pool, several factors come into play to ensure the pool is both beautiful and benevolent to nature:

  • Natural Filtration Options: Techniques range from minimal chemical use to completely chemical-free systems, allowing for clear water without negative effects to personal health.
  • Sustainable Materials: Recycled glass tiles, natural stone and responsibly sourced wood not only reduce environmental impact but enhance the pool’s aesthetic, creating a natural looking addition to your outdoor space.
  • Functional Design: Whether it be for laps, leisure or socialising, a swimming pool’s design should be tailored to its intended uses, ensuring it is as practical as it is picturesque.
  • Luxury Meets Sustainability: Features like infinity edges and underwater lighting elevate the eco-friendly pool’s design, blending the water with the surrounding scenery.

Luxury Swimming Pools in Landscape Design: Our Take

 Boakley Cliff Farm and Springfield House are two projects completed by The Natural Pool Company that applied innovative practices and sustainable technologies to create stunning, environmentally responsible outdoor spaces.

Boakley Cliff Farm

12m x 5m ultra-low-chemical swimming pool designed by our team in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, harmoniously integrated with the natural landscape.

In Malmesbury, Wiltshire, we were presented with a stunning outdoor space that captivated our imaginations from the start. The result was a 12m x 5m ultra-low-chemical swimming pool that respects the natural landscape.

Key features:

  • High water line skimmer to match the liner
  • Hidden automatic slatted cover
  • Limestone paving with a custom pool house

Springfield House 

Springfield House luxury outdoor area in the Cotswolds, featuring a pagoda with barbeque and social space, limestone paving, relaxation ledge, and a pool with low-chemical salt filtration system.

Surrounded by stunning shrubbery, Springfield House provided a clear vision for luxury within the Cotswolds countryside. Complimented by a pagoda with a barbeque and socialising space, this area provides the ideal retreat for the upcoming summer evenings.

  • A hidden automatic cover beneath a relaxation ledge
  • Low-chemical salt filtration system
  • Limestone paving and coping stones

These two stunning swimming pools demonstrate a few of the additional features that The Natural Pool Company offers. Integrated hot tubs, diving boards and pool houses are all features that our team is experienced in designing and building. To view more of our past work, see our portfolio.

The Natural Pool Company Complete Swimming Pool Service

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