24 October 2022

The Natural Pool Company: Sustainable, Stylish and Simple

With the goal to promote a sustainable approach for the realisation of high-quality projects, The Natural Pool Company has become a pioneer in ecological friendly design. Originally founded in France out of a love of chemical free swimming, the company has traversed the Channel and now resides in the UK.

Yet their move did not take away from their goal, proving only to amplify and expand their vision. The Natural Pool Company combines classic designs with modern living and has featured several, luxurious (yet organic) collaborations with other sustainable, high-quality companies such as Accoya decking. The Natural Pool Company’s devotion to a greener future and holistic health is an all-round approach. For many, they are at the forefront of the industry, closely evaluating where their materials come from, how they are processed and transported, and who they work with – all in line with the future they are helping to create. In a time where many are growing conscious and responsive to the sad reality of pollutants in convenience foods and lifestyle items, The Natural Pool Company take this one step further. With ingenuity and compassion, they have turned to more permanent fixtures. Pool shells, decking, pool covers and surrounds – all in an aesthetically pleasing way with little to no need for chemicals.

The Natural Pool Company understand their demographic and support the fact that there is a growing market who prioritise the limitation of their carbon footprint, but also appreciate the finer things in life. With growing comprehension of the eco-friendly journey, we must all walk together for the sustainability of the planet, The Natural Pool Company caters to a luxury market too. Aside from the organic beauty of their main products, they produce a range of saunas and hot tubs for a truly decadent feel. These too, come with a choice of rustic and contemporary styles and limited chemicals.

One of the additional assets to The Natural Pool Company is the ability to mix and match, and to maintain easily. Because they have a wide variety of component options, including custom fit or one-piece pool shells, there is significant opportunity to tweak your design to optimally fit your home. Accoya is the most requested decking company and one of many which can easily be tailored around any of The Natural Pool Company’s elegant products.

On top of this, maintenance is available for all products so that clients can enjoy all of the assets without any of the hassle. It can be a concern with chemical free products that they require additional care to maintain them, both in terms of functionality and appearance. The Natural Pool Company are formulated to stay aesthetically pleasing and reliable, proving that sustainability does not mean compromise on durability. And should anything need to be done, a qualified professional is just a call away.

The Natural Pool Company truly are the natural choice to make when it comes to eco-friendly living with a touch of luxury.