24 October 2022

Looking for the Highest Quality Swimming Pool

Looking for the highest quality swimming pool? Think Compass Carbon Ceramic.

Swimming pools can come in numerous shapes and sizes, but the first thing to decide is what type of construction material to use. When comparing pool surfaces, the three main types of in-ground pools are concrete, vinyl-lined, polyester and carbon ceramic but if you are looking for the highest quality swimming pool? Think Carbon Ceramic every time – here’s why…

Durability & Comfort

Compass Carbon Ceramic (C-C-C) pools are extremely durable because of their UV resilience, insulation properties and stain repellent surface. This durability makes in-ground C-C-C pools an ideal choice, their flexibility makes them especially good for in-ground installations. No matter the soil conditions, C-C-C pools are strong and flexible enough to resist ground movement and can bend with the shrink or swell of the surrounding environment. Every single Compass pool also comes with a 40year guarantee to back up the claims. Best of all, the non-abrasive, gel coat surface is soft and smooth to the touch, unlike rough concrete surfaces that can scrape sensitive skin.

Compass Carbon Ceramic Pools Allow For Quick Installation

One of the main selling points is they’re very easy to install, the easiest and most efficient of all options. C-C-C pools are generally factory-moulded, manufactured off-site, transported to your home in a single piece, then placed inside an excavated hole with a crane. Meaning no need for there to be a mess in your house and garden for months at a time while the pool is being built.

 Compass Carbon Ceramic Pools Are Easy to Maintain

C-C-C pools generally stay cleaner than concrete pools. They resist staining, the smooth, gel coat surface is nonporous. This inhibits algae growth, and means you need fewer cleaning products, plus, the surface materials don’t impact water balance like concrete can, so there’s also fewer chemicals required to maintain pH and alkalinity, thus saving you money, time and stress in the long run.

Design Flexibility

Developments in the fabrication technology of Compass pools have meant an increase in design choices available in recent years. You are no longer limited to a standard rectangular pool. Many designs come with built-in steps and seats incorporated into the shell for added convenience and can be installed with similar components as concrete pools like water features such as swim spas. Best of all, fibreglass offers beautiful coloured finishes that won’t change over time.

Overall Cost

Compass pool prices differ based on the size of the shell. However, the initial pool cost is usually higher than a vinyl-lined pool and runs close to that of a concrete pool. The real cost savings come after installation, Compass pools are a single shell without any corrosive properties, so they should never require resurfacing. With little to no upkeep cost, this makes them more cost-effective in the long run. Coupled with a 40 year guarantee, if you are looking for a pool to last a lifetime one shouldn’t have to look any further.